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As a third generation farmers of the UAE, we follow a long tradition of organic farming in the desert soils. We are passionate about our nutritional organic produce by utilizing the sandy soil of our country with natural, organic fertilizer and turning it into fertile, productive and sustainable soils for generations to enjoy.


In it’s ardent search for 100% organic soil improvers and fertilizers NABAT Trading came upon a true gem of its time. Sapropel, centuries-old bottom sediments of freshwater lakes, rich in organic matter, plankton, and soil humus particles.


Saprolife™ is 100% organic soil improver and fertilizer based on sapropel extracted from the bottom of the ecologically clean lake Sinove in Western Ukraine.


Saprolife™ is pure organics, vitamins and microelements soil fertilizer and improver that creates humus in any type of soil and activates metabolic processes for magnificently high lush crop yield,  Saprolife will turn sandy soil into a long term thriving fertile rich organic soil for all ultimate nutrional produce.

There are two types of Fertilizers

Organic & Chemical

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are made without using of chemicals. The active ingredients are natural and consist of safe kind of organic matter, minerals and vitamins. The organic fertilizer should be certified by appropriate certification center. To avoid fakes we suggest to ask for organic certificate before you are going to buy fertilizer in gardening shop. The organic certificate, better if it’s from Germany or Switzerland, gives enough confidence that fertilizer you chose is really save.

Chemical Fertilizers

The packages for chemical fertilizers tell you what the active ingredients are, such as nitrogen and phosphates. What the packages often don't tell you are the inert ingredients, which can contain potentially poisonous substances such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and other metals. If kids spend a lot of time rolling around on the lawn, obviously, they're going to be exposed to these chemicals. The signs to look for from the toxic chemicals used in fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides can include an upset stomach, difficulty breathing, skin rashes, burning in their eyes or a change in their overall level of alertness. If you are worried, you may use as many organic products as possible. Non-organic fertilizers can cause everything from learning disabilities Just call to mind if your children have had those kinds of symptoms before and you couldn't find the reason why?  to asthma to cancer — mainly because fertilizers often contain other chemicals that kill weeds and insects. We are not here to say that chemical fertilizers have caused a child to get cancer. Can they increase a child's risk by adding to multiple factors in the environment that can lead to cancer? Sure. So, if you're concerned about the exposure to your children, avoid chemical fertilizers and switch to the organic ones.


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